MIDAS Service Builder

Simple Creation of Service Trees


  • Savings: MIDAS Service Builder replaces the discontinued HP Service Navigator Value Pack.
  • Simulation: Test severities to avoid failing services affecting your enterprise environment.
  • Simplified: The easy creation and modification of service trees increases your productivity.
  • Scalability: Supports large and complex dynamic service models out-of-the-box.

Beyond Replacing HP Service Navigator Value Pack

Depicting service trees with the HP Service Navigator in HPOM gives you a better overview of the current state of the managed environment. HP Service Navigator is integrated into the HPOM Java user interface and easily accessible. However, the major limitation has always been creating the service trees.

HP Service Navigator Value Pack (SNVP) originally provided an useful tool for creating and editing service trees, but with the release of HP OMU 9, HP discontinued SNVP, making a migration for existing HP OMU 8 customers more difficult.

Fully Compatible to HP Service Navigator

MIDAS Service Builder fills this gap and goes far beyond simply replacing HP SNVP. It provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) with which you can create complex or modify existing service trees and then export these to HP Service Navigator.

Expensive and complex additional products are unnecessary because MIDAS Service Builder seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure. It enables you to work much more efficiently with HPOM service trees creating additional business value.


MIDAS Service Builder imports information from your HPOM servers to modify user roles or nodes. The software has many built-in functions to improve the efficiency of working with and maintaining service trees. Mass operations can be used for renaming objects, changing propagation rules, etc. Dynamic filtering allows you to quickly find relevant objects while editing service trees. This is critical especially when working on large and complex service trees.

Simulate Service Dependencies

For service status calculations, MIDAS Service Builder simulates the dependencies of IT infrastructure services. Setting a severity on any service immediately starts the simulation by propagating it to the upper levels of the service tree. Selecting various severities shows the dependencies between the services and the possible effects on your enterprise environment. Bottlenecks and pitfalls in your environment are visualized in the service model without affecting live IT systems.

Another specialty of MIDAS Service Builder is creating sub-maps. Apart from the standard service tree layout, custom sub-maps can be created which are supported by the HP Service Navigator. By using this option, the location of the services, for example, can be arranged geographically for a better visualization instead of using an organizational or abstract graph.

Print and Export Service Trees

Service trees are displayed in a separate window. If you have installed a printer, then the current view of the tree can be printed either completely or partially collapsed. Alternatively the service tree can be exported as a PNG image file which is more practical for use in presentations or for other documentation.