HPOM Administration UI

Configuration Editor


  • HPOM: General administration of HPOM 9 configurations.
  • Free: Bundled with HPOM 9 and replaces Motif GUI of HPOM 8.
  • Functionality: New and improved capabilities compared to HPOM 8.
  • Migration: Reports in MIDAS Configuration support your migration from HPOM 8 to 9.

New Administration User Interface

HP OMU 9 and HP OML 9 deliver a completely new administration user interface, the HPOM Administration UI. It was written by Bull and is based on MIDAS technology. It includes the functionality of the Motif GUI and offers comfortable functions to improve the usage.

If you want to go beyond HPOM’s limitations and use the possibilities of modern IT monitoring, MIDAS Configurator and MIDAS Administrator are your first choice. The core products of the MIDAS Product Family improve your productivity by easier access, audit-ready documentation, delegation of tasks, monitoring transparency, replicatable distribution and change control.

Free Migration Support from HPOM 8 to 9

Are you planning to migrate to HP OMU 9? MIDAS Configurator provides a migration report that provides information about the changes that will occur to your current HP OMU 8 configuration data – including descriptions of the changes and potential side effects. If you are not yet using MIDAS Configurator, then download it here. Test it with a free 60-day instant-on license to support your migration to HP OMU 9. With MIDAS Configurator you can access both your existing HP OMU 8 and 9 servers from within one console.

Enhancement MIDAS Product Family

The MIDAS Product Family provides basic user interfaces for administration and add-ons to extend the functionality of HPOM Administration UI. All MIDAS products use the same underlying technology, resulting in a familiar “look and feel” and one, consolidated interface. A detailed comparison of HPOM Administration UI and MIDAS can be found here.

HPOM Administration UI Trainings

If you are looking for free web-based trainings for HPOM Administration UI, please contact us. Bull offers web-based training sessions for using the HPOM Administration UI, explaining the new features of HPOM 9 and also one or two day onsite trainings including training material. Pricing and scheduling information is available upon request.