Unleash the Power of HPOM


  • Cross-platform: Protect your investment in HPOM by adding various platforms to be monitored.
  • Integration: Detect, solve and prevent problems on managed systems, hosts, applications and services.
  • Visualization: Keep track of service availability and service performance in dashboards.
  • Flexible: Understand and use the power of log file records to improve your business.

Investment Protection

MIDAS Operational Value Pack (OVP) adds a variety of new functionalties to HP Operations Manager (HPOM). Would you like to monitor additional agent platforms like Mac OS X and FreeBSD or former platforms like e.g. Windows 2000, Solaris 9 or HP-UX 11.11? No problem with MIDAS OVP. It supports current and many outdated operating systems helping you to protect your investment in your IT infrastructure by monitoring almost any platform.

Consolidation and Integration

As a distributed client-server monitoring solution MIDAS OVP helps IT departments to detect, solve and prevent problems on their managed systems, hosts, applications and services. And, it makes it easy to manage the conditions in a computer network - especially for devices that warrant administrative attention or are business critical. By using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) MIDAS OVP consolidates this part of the IT infrastructure into IT monitoring without the installation and maintenance of an additional network monitoring tool.

In environments with existing HP Operations Manager Unix (HP OMU) installations MIDAS OVP integrates the message flow by sending all messages to or fetching messages from HP OMU. No matter on which system a problem has been detected your IT department will see them all in your preferred user interface (UI).

Availability Metrics for Service Monitoring

Service availability and service performance are two different things. For example, if you want to use FTP you expect it to be steady and fast. If data is transfered slowly you assume that there is a response time problem which needs to be investigated. But why do you need to investigate now while you need FTP? How about being aware of a FTP performance problem before somebody needs the service?

MIDAS OVP provides a service dashboard which visualizes the availability and the perfomance of services. Simply define the parameters you want to measure and create your individual dashboard showing key performance indicators (KPI) as needed. Click through the KPIs for investigation and speed up your root cause analysis and problem resolution.

Special Capabilities

Log files are like a diary, offering detailed information about the activities of a computer system or software. Especially java-based logging tools love to talk, when active. The problem is that some records take more than one line. These multiline records might be easy to read for humans but a software tool needs to know exactly where a record starts and ends. Otherwise the potential of log files is wasted.

MIDAS OVP is able to identify and reassemble these blocks of splitted information. By this, the log file becomes readable and can be analyzed for further usage. The same procedure can be applied for all kinds of log files, making their information visible and usable. With this option you will instantly know, if a service encountered a problem, if it successfully started instead of being broken and if it’s fully functional before needing it.


Sometimes it seems like a “Mission Impossible” to set up an agent on a system with special vendor restrictions, auditing or legal requirements. In cases like this MIDAS OVP uses an agentless technique which gathers the required information remotely while still being in compliance with all requirements. This ensures that the entire enterprise environment is monitored.